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UCNE: FOXP1_Lucifer
(id = 23837)

General information about the entry
Entry location:intergenic
Length:667 nt
Upstream gene:MITF
Downstream gene:FOXP1
Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Block (UGRB): FOXP1_cluster: chr3:70091768-71574384
External links:
CONDOR database:CRCNE00000919;
VISTA Enhancer Browser:hs207;
UCE (Bejerano et al. 2004):uc.117 uc.118 http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~jill/ultra.html
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Conservation in chicken:
Chicken (galGal3): Region: chr12:16415804-16416470        Identity: >95%
Conservation in other species:
Mouse (mm10):
Region #1:   chr6:98767755-98768419   Identity: 99.4%    E-value: 2.2e-149   Bit-score: 534.8

Armadillo (dasNov1):
Region #1:   scaffold_1450:43438-44076   Identity: 56.31%    E-value: 3e-61   Bit-score: 242.2

Opossum (monDom5):
Region #1:   chr6:224475651-224476317   Identity: 97.15%    E-value: 9e-133   Bit-score: 480

Platypus (ornAna1):
Region #1:   chrX1:39714180-39714842   Identity: 98.19%    E-value: 1.2e-153   Bit-score: 548.5

Zebra_finch (taeGut1):
Region #1:   chr12:17150473-17151139   Identity: 97.6%    E-value: 5.7e-148   Bit-score: 529

Lizard (anoCar2):
Region #1:   chr2:181027450-181028106   Identity: 96.19%    E-value: 7.7e-156   Bit-score: 555.6

Painted_turtle (chrPic1):
Region #1:   JH584450:954764-955430   Identity: 98.05%    E-value: 1e-146   Bit-score: 525.9

Xenopus (xenTro3):
Region #1:   GL173040:18242-18908   Identity: 86.7%    E-value: 1.6e-110   Bit-score: 404.9

Fugu (fr2):
Region #1:   chrUn:216948450-216948846   Identity: 81.5%    E-value: 9e-68   Bit-score: 257.5
Region #2:   chrUn:381218449-381218845   Identity: 81.25%    E-value: 3e-67   Bit-score: 255.7

Medaka (oryLat2):
Region #1:   chr5:5044278-5044737   Identity: 77.66%    E-value: 3.6e-65   Bit-score: 248.9

Stickleback (gasAcu1):
Region #1:   chrXVII:13996301-13996693   Identity: 84.52%    E-value: 2.6e-70   Bit-score: 266.1

Tetraodon (tetNig2):
Region #1:   chr11:11020319-11020675   Identity: 80%    E-value: 3e-57   Bit-score: 222.5

Zebrafish (danRer7):
Region #1:   chr6:43523901-43524444   Identity: 74.36%    E-value: 1.2e-56   Bit-score: 221.4

Lamprey (petMar1):
Ciona_intestinalis (ci2):
Sea_urchin (strPur2):
Lancelet (braFlo1):