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(id = 23887)

General information about the entry
Entry location:intron
Length:343 nt
Overlapping gene:FOXP1
Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Block (UGRB): FOXP1_cluster: chr3:70091768-71574384
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CONDOR database:CRCNE00000899;
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UCE (Bejerano et al. 2004):
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Conservation in chicken:
Chicken (galGal3): Region: chr12:16543509-16543851        Identity: >95%
Conservation in other species:
Mouse (mm10):
Region #1:   chr6:99004572-99004917   Identity: 97.11%    E-value: 1.8e-60   Bit-score: 238.5

Armadillo (dasNov1):
Region #1:   scaffold_26:90747-91055   Identity: 99.68%    E-value: 5.5e-53   Bit-score: 213.7

Opossum (monDom5):
Region #1:   chr6:224789671-224790011   Identity: 97.36%    E-value: 9e-56   Bit-score: 223.3

Platypus (ornAna1):
Region #1:   chrX1:39535895-39536236   Identity: 97.08%    E-value: 1.1e-66   Bit-score: 258.6

Zebra_finch (taeGut1):
Region #1:   chr12:17265436-17265778   Identity: 96.21%    E-value: 1.2e-60   Bit-score: 237.9
This UCNE has 1 paralogous region in Zebra_finch

Lizard (anoCar2):
Region #1:   chr2:180810815-180811158   Identity: 94.48%    E-value: 8.7e-65   Bit-score: 252.2

Painted_turtle (chrPic1):
Region #1:   JH584450:1114163-1114502   Identity: 97.06%    E-value: 4.2e-56   Bit-score: 223.9

Xenopus (xenTro3):
Fugu (fr2):
Region #1:   chrUn:216972931-216973220   Identity: 75.25%    E-value: 1.2e-35   Bit-score: 149.7

Medaka (oryLat2):
Region #1:   chr5:5004827-5005132   Identity: 72.4%    E-value: 6.3e-29   Bit-score: 127.6

Stickleback (gasAcu1):
Region #1:   chrXVII:13971022-13971306   Identity: 72.22%    E-value: 1.5e-28   Bit-score: 126.3

Tetraodon (tetNig2):
Region #1:   chr11:10997663-10997920   Identity: 75.57%    E-value: 2.7e-30   Bit-score: 132

Zebrafish (danRer7):
Region #1:   chr6:43580335-43580649   Identity: 62.46%    E-value: 0.000000001   Bit-score: 64.6

Lamprey (petMar1):
Ciona_intestinalis (ci2):
Sea_urchin (strPur2):
Lancelet (braFlo1):