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UCNE: SOX14_Zelda
(id = 24442)

General information about the entry
Entry location:intergenic
Length:317 nt
Upstream gene:IL20RB
Downstream gene:SOX14
Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Block (UGRB): SOX14_cluster: chr3:136905247-137492079
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CONDOR database:CRCNE00011250;
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UCE (Bejerano et al. 2004):
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Conservation in chicken:
Chicken (galGal3): Region: chr9:5360700-5361018        Identity: >95%
Conservation in other species:
Mouse (mm10):
Region #1:   chr9:100325296-100325644   Identity: 84.29%    E-value: 2.5e-51   Bit-score: 208

Armadillo (dasNov1):
Opossum (monDom5):
Region #1:   chr4:99121555-99121868   Identity: 97.16%    E-value: 9e-59   Bit-score: 233.1

Platypus (ornAna1):
Region #1:   Contig23556:4564-4878   Identity: 95.9%    E-value: 1.9e-63   Bit-score: 247.8

Zebra_finch (taeGut1):
Region #1:   chr9:5337743-5338061   Identity: 95.3%    E-value: 3.3e-59   Bit-score: 233

Lizard (anoCar2):
Painted_turtle (chrPic1):
Region #1:   JH584753:3851751-3852066   Identity: 95.91%    E-value: 1.3e-58   Bit-score: 232.1

Xenopus (xenTro3):
Region #1:   GL172980:455310-455654   Identity: 73.85%    E-value: 1.2e-29   Bit-score: 135.2

Fugu (fr2):
Region #1:   chrUn:137150396-137150746   Identity: 65.18%    E-value: 4.7e-23   Bit-score: 107.8

Medaka (oryLat2):
Region #1:   chr4:4781581-4781906   Identity: 67.26%    E-value: 2e-20   Bit-score: 99.2

Stickleback (gasAcu1):
Region #1:   chrVIII:3085315-3085668   Identity: 63.81%    E-value: 1.2e-19   Bit-score: 96.7

Tetraodon (tetNig2):
Region #1:   chrUn_random:84960722-84960905   Identity: 74.19%    E-value: 6.3e-18   Bit-score: 90.8

Zebrafish (danRer7):
Region #1:   chr6:26470627-26470955   Identity: 67.95%    E-value: 1.7e-19   Bit-score: 97

Lamprey (petMar1):
Ciona_intestinalis (ci2):
Sea_urchin (strPur2):
Lancelet (braFlo1):