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UCNE: chr10_Aladdin
(id = 6183)

General information about the entry
Entry location:intron
Length:322 nt
Overlapping gene:ADARB2
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Conservation in chicken:
Chicken (galGal3): Region: chr2:10476409-10476730        Identity: >95%
Conservation in other species:
Mouse (mm10):
Region #1:   chr13:8612357-8612688   Identity: 94.58%    E-value: 9.5e-39   Bit-score: 166.2

Armadillo (dasNov1):
Region #1:   scaffold_32411:3316-3636   Identity: 98.45%    E-value: 8.9e-39   Bit-score: 166.5

Opossum (monDom5):
Region #1:   chr8:229435902-229436219   Identity: 92.52%    E-value: 7.6e-30   Bit-score: 137.1

Platypus (ornAna1):
Region #1:   Ultra274:9002835-9003152   Identity: 93.77%    E-value: 1.4e-42   Bit-score: 178.5

Zebra_finch (taeGut1):
Region #1:   chr2:11724930-11725254   Identity: 92%    E-value: 5.9e-39   Bit-score: 165.8
This UCNE has 1 paralogous region in Zebra_finch

Lizard (anoCar2):
Region #1:   chr6:8300653-8300852   Identity: 81.5%    E-value: 4e-16   Bit-score: 90.5

Painted_turtle (chrPic1):
Region #1:   JH584850:70911-71233   Identity: 91.98%    E-value: 1.6e-35   Bit-score: 155.4

Xenopus (xenTro3):
Region #1:   GL172770:374003-374304   Identity: 82.19%    E-value: 2.4e-27   Bit-score: 127.5

Fugu (fr2):
Medaka (oryLat2):
Stickleback (gasAcu1):
Tetraodon (tetNig2):
Zebrafish (danRer7):
Lamprey (petMar1):
Ciona_intestinalis (ci2):
Sea_urchin (strPur2):
Lancelet (braFlo1):