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UCNE: EMX2_Theodore
(id = 7721)

General information about the entry
Entry location:intergenic
Length:379 nt
Upstream gene:C10orf84
Downstream gene:PRLHR
Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Block (UGRB): EMX2_cluster: chr10:118720843-120226972
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CONDOR database:CRCNE00004565;
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Conservation in chicken:
Chicken (galGal3): Region: chr6:31177115-31177494        Identity: >95%
Conservation in other species:
Mouse (mm10):
Region #1:   chr19:60308560-60308937   Identity: 95.24%    E-value: 2.9e-70   Bit-score: 271.1

Armadillo (dasNov1):
Region #1:   scaffold_211581:2347-2539   Identity: 97.41%    E-value: 3.7e-30   Bit-score: 138.1

Opossum (monDom5):
Region #1:   chr1:90996473-90996849   Identity: 96.82%    E-value: 8.3e-68   Bit-score: 263.4

Platypus (ornAna1):
Region #1:   Ultra272:9136932-9137309   Identity: 91.53%    E-value: 4.1e-68   Bit-score: 263.5

Zebra_finch (taeGut1):
Region #1:   chr6:29937579-29937958   Identity: 96.58%    E-value: 1.1e-72   Bit-score: 278.1

Lizard (anoCar2):
Region #1:   chrUn_GL343206:254074-254454   Identity: 94.49%    E-value: 2e-75   Bit-score: 287.6

Painted_turtle (chrPic1):
Region #1:   JH584480:632375-632754   Identity: 96.05%    E-value: 2.2e-66   Bit-score: 258.2

Xenopus (xenTro3):
Fugu (fr2):
Region #1:   chrUn:117978457-117978834   Identity: 74.48%    E-value: 1.3e-47   Bit-score: 189.6

Medaka (oryLat2):
Region #1:   chr15:29582988-29583352   Identity: 73.5%    E-value: 8.1e-40   Bit-score: 163.9

Stickleback (gasAcu1):
Region #1:   chrVI:2784181-2784562   Identity: 73.63%    E-value: 3.4e-44   Bit-score: 178.5

Tetraodon (tetNig2):
Region #1:   chr17:863321-863676   Identity: 76.47%    E-value: 4.8e-48   Bit-score: 191.1

Zebrafish (danRer7):
Region #1:   chr13:19965319-19965693   Identity: 74.27%    E-value: 2.8e-34   Bit-score: 146.3

Lamprey (petMar1):
Ciona_intestinalis (ci2):
Sea_urchin (strPur2):
Lancelet (braFlo1):